Adding a member to the lab

If a user does not have an iLab account, they should go to the iLab page at
and sign in with their UVa computing id (abc1ef format) and NetBadge password which is often their email password.

To add someone from outside the University of Virginia, a core member needs to submit a support ticket to iLab to add the person. The core may need to grant access to their core by searching for the person (people search on the left side of the screen) and clicking + access to a new customer

Then the lab PI or lab manager or department administrator needs to add the person to the lab, and give them access to one or more PTAEO.

If the PI is not in iLab, the PI must enroll in iLab:

The PI or lab manager or administrator needs to log into iLab as describe in the iLab page at:

See instructions for registering in iLab.

Then the PI can request iLab to add people.

At this stage, the lab member will not have access to any PTAO and thus cannot request services or purchase supplies form MolMart and may not be able to reserve instruments.

To give access to PTAO, the screen shots below may help a PI.

Log into iLab account and select My labs


Select your lab.


Click the Administration tab in the top right area


On the Administration page, click the Members line


In the Search box, type the name of the lab member then click Search

Your screen may look like below.



lab member setup 2

When the person is found, you will see an Invite box; click the arrow for the drop down menu to assign a role to the person.