PTAEO in iLab

What if my PTAO is not in my iLab account?

Contact your department administrator or PI if you are a lab member to confirm the PTAO is valid and active in Oracle. If a any string of the PTAO has ended prior to today’s date or if the PTAO is on “Hold”, the PTAO will not be accessible in iLab until the PTAO is extended or the hold is lifted.

Note: If the PTAO is anything other than a grant (the award does not start with a “G”), and you are a PI, Department Administrator, or Lab Manager role in iLab, complete the following:

i. Log into iLab and select the PI’s lab

ii. Select the Membership Requests and PTAOs tab

iii. Click the blue triangle next to “Request Access to Additional PTAOs”

iv. Enter in the PTAO including dashes and -1248 at the end

v. Click Submit

vi. Once approved, log back into the lab and assign lab members access to the PTAO as this is not done automatically


If the PTAO is a grant or you are still unable to access your PTAO, please contact the Office of Research Core Administration.

Note: Grants are automatically assigned to the PIs’s lab of the PI associated with the PTAO in Oracle. If the PTAO is not accessible and changes have not been made to the PTAO in Oracle within the last 48 hours, contact the ORCA Business Manager.