COVID-19 Updates


Please check back daily for more information on the COVID-19 impact on Research Core operations.

Advanced Microscopy Facility – Operations Severely Impaired
-Wednesday, March 25th at 5pm – closing down access to AMF instruments. Users who need access must contact Stacey or Adrian for an appointment.
-Instruments are still available for reservation and use, but AMF faculty/staff availability for imaging assistance and troubleshooting may be limited. Stacey and Adrian’s cell numbers will be posted with each instrument so that you can reach them by text with questions/issues. New instrument trainings will be postponed.

Bioinformatics Core – Operations Normal
-Note from Bioinformatics Core Director: To keep up with your research productivity this is the best time to think on Bioinformatics projects in collaboration with Bioinformatics Core. If anybody is in the process of grant writing, I will be happy to generate data for you. This can also be done by reprocessing your lab’s old data or publicly available datasets on cyberspace. Bioinformatics Core director ( is available to chat and discuss any project one to one through zoom. Please take this opportunity to improve your computational skill sets as well as your lab productivity.

Biomolecular Analysis Facility – Operations Normal
-When submitting orders in iLab, please drop off samples (Pinn 1105) either in the freezer or on top and alert staff as you do it (Pinn 1105 or 1034) so we can get them stored properly
-Meetings for new or existing projects be done by phone or email and not in-person
-Shared instruments are always open but the MALDI in the main lab is not open on holidays, after hours or weekends. BAF staff is not present during those times.

BioNMR – Operations Slightly Limited
-At 7pm on Fri. 3/20 access to the NMR spectrometers will be limited to those who need to complete ongoing critical experiments that would require significant duplication of previous work if they were delayed. If you need to use a NMR spectrometer after 3/20 please contact Jeff Ellena
-The items which NMR users typically touch while at or near the spectrometers (keyboard, mouse, spinner, room door handle, etc.) will be disinfected once a day.
-There is hand sanitizer and nitrile gloves at each of the spectrometers. These may be used by all NMR users.
-There are kimwipes and ethanol near each spectrometer. Ethanol is an effective anti-coronavirus agent and NMR users are welcome to wipe surfaces with an ethanol-soaked kimwipe.

-Nitrogen and helium suppliers will continue to operate normally as of now

Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility – Operations Severely Impaired
-As of Monday 03/23, the BTRF will not have the capability to pick up clinical trial specimens from hospital labs and clinics. Study specimens, supporting paperwork, supplies, and shippers will need to be brought to the BTRF lab by a member of the study team.
-As of Monday 03/23, research related activities in the BTRF which are not supporting patient care will be suspended. This includes immunohistochemistry, non-essential histology, biomolecule extraction, and slide scanning. We will not be collecting tissue in surgical pathology for individual investigators except where this is required for a clinical trial.

Center for Human Therapeutics – cGMP Core – Operations Normal

Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory – Operations Severely Impaired
-Please contact Core Director Lisa Farr prior due to subject contact. Lisa Farr (

Flow Cytometry Core – Operations Slightly Impaired
-Staffing shortage
-The Flow Core continues to operate during normal hours
-For all assisted services, analytical and sorting, we are implementing drop off services only. Please email us before hand with sample information or drop off with your samples. We will contact you when processing is done
-If running unassisted we ask you only attend by yourself and do not bring other lab members with you.
-Wipe down all workstations before and after use

Genetically Engineered Murine Model Core – Operations Normal

Genome Analysis Technology Core – Operations Slightly Impaired
-Staffing shortage
-The Genomics Core will continue to operate during normal hours for samples already in the pipeline.
-For sequencing, please expect some delays this week due to the volume of libraries in the pipeline.

Molecular Electron Microscopy Core – Operations Slightly Impaired
-Limit self-service to one person in the room at a time. Minimize use as much as possible.
-Please wear gloves and wipe down instruments.
-For all assisted services, we are minimizing contact. Please email or call to coordinate sample selection or drop-off.
-No graduate student access after March 30 without Provost permission.

Molecular Imaging Core – Operations Slightly Impaired
-Only imaging time sensitive animals
-Not starting any new studies
-Please contact the Core Director Stuart Berr ( with any questions

Molecular Immunologic & Translational Science Core – Operations Severely Impaired
-Staff shortage

MolMart – Operations Slightly Impaired
-Limited or no supply of cavicide (94175 and 22998800), halyard gloves (98235), and Ethanol 200 proof (04355223)
-Gloves will be limited to purchase of five boxes per lab until further notice
-Ethanol will be limited to purchase two gallons per lab until further notice

Radiochemistry Core – Operations Normal

Research Histology Core – Operations Severely Impaired
-Only processing tissues for embedding every other day to save reagents
-No special stains at this time
-No new project planning until further notice

For more information, contact Chris Tuck,