Training Opportunities in Research Cores

Research cores offer training for some services, with either courses or ad hoc training in individual or small group sessions.


Microscopy Advanced Microscopy Individual training as needed
Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Courses from time to time
Laser microdissection Biorespository and Tissue Research Facility Individual Training
Flow Cytometry including data analysis Flow Cytometry One week course, four times a year. Individual training as needed after course.
Transgenetic methods and applications Genetoically Engineered Murine Model Core One week course, three times a year
MALDI mass spectrometry Mass Spectrometry Core Individual training as needed; usually about two hours
Imaging Small animals and organs Molecular Imaging Individual training as needed
Plate reader, CD, slide scanner, densitometer Shared Instrumentation Individual Training as needed; 0.25 to 2 hours depending on instrument
Tissue culture Tissue Culture Facility Individual training as needed