Equipment in research cores

Major equipment in the School of Medicine research cores

EquipmentUseOperated byLocation*
JEOL 1230transmission electron microscope, real-time digital imaging (2Kx2K), ultra high resolution digital imaging (4Kx4K), film imaging.core or researcherMSB 4804 (AMF)
Zeiss Sigma VP HD field emission SEMscanning electron microscopecore or researcherMSB 4805 (AMF)
Zeiss LSM 700
confocal microscope, inverted, with 4 channels, ZEN softwarecore or researcherMSB 4802 (AMF)
Zeiss LSM 710
Multiphoton confocal. upright, 4 channels, 6 laser lines, Coherent Chameleon IR laser,core or researcherMSB 4809 (AMF)
Zeiss LSM 880Reads 10 dyes simultaneously, high sensitivity detector, environmental chamber for live cell imagingcore or researcherMR4 5136 (AMF)
PerkinElmer OperettaHigh content image analysisMSB 4808 (AMF)
Leica Ultracut UC7 ultramicrotomepreparation of samples for transmission electron microscopycore or researcherMSB 4806 (AMF)
Olympus BX51 with digital camera
Brightfield, Fluorescence, Phase Contrast and DICcore or researcherMSB 4809 (AMF)
Olympus SZX12 dual objective stereo microscope with digital cameraBrightfield, Darkfield and Fluorescencecore or researcherMSB 4808 (AMF)
High Resolution Vacuum Evaporator for rotary shadowingmetal coatingcore or researcherMSB 4808 (AMF)
Leica Ultracut Ultramicrotomes (3)core or researcherMSB 4806 (AMF)
Critical Point Dryercore or researcherMSB 4802 (AMF)
Sputter Coatercore or researcherMSB 4802 (AMF)
Computing clusters, dedicated access, 8 cores, 128GB RAMBioinformatics
Computational infrastructure that is essential for analyzing high-throughput biological data, including shared access to an HPC cluster with >5,000 computing cores, >30,000 GB RAM, and >1 PB disk space, and dedicated access to several high-memory multicore development serversBioinformatics
Bioconductor software for bioinformatics and statistical computing, over 600 packagesBioinformatics
Bruker Avance III NMR spectrometer 800MHzcore or researcherChem 133 (BioNMR)
Bruker Avance III NMR spectrometer 600MHzcore or researcherChem 133 (BioNMR)
Bruker Avance DRX NMR spectrometer 600MHzcore or researcherChem 106 (BioNMR)
Varian NMRS spectrometer 600MHzcore or researcherChem 111 (BioNMR)
Varian Inova 500 NMR spectrometer 500MHzcore or researcherChem 175 (BioNMR)
Leica ASLMD laser microdissection apparatusmicro scale dissection of fixed or frozen tissueresearcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Arcturus (Life Technologies) XT-TI laser microdissection apparatusmicro scale dissection of fixed or frozen tissue under bright-field, phase contrast or fluorescence visualizationresearcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Pathology Devices TMArrayer semi-automated tissue microarray apparatusproduction of tissue microarrayscoreMR6 G712 (BTRF)
QIAGEN QIAcube robotic workstationfully automated protein and nucleic acid extractioncoreMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Next Advance Bullet Blender tissue homogenizertissue disruption/homogenization for fresh, frozen or fixed tissuecoreMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Miltenyi Biotech gentleMACS™ Dissociatorresh tissue dissociation for viable cellscoreMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Bio-Rad iMark Absorbance Microplate Reader96-well format plate reader; available filters 415,450,595,620,655,750 nmcore or researcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Bio-Rad Experion microcapillary electrophoresis systemmicroscale/LabChip RNA and DNA analysiscoreMR6 G712 (BTRF)
NanoDrop spectrophotometermicroscale DNA and RNA quantitationcore or researcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
DAKO Autostainer/Autostainer Plusautomated immunohistochemistry platformcore MR6 G712 (BTRF)
DAKO PT Link pretreatment modulesemi-automated depariffinization and antigen retrieval for immunohistochemistrycore MR6 G712 (BTRF)
Leica 3050S research cryostatpreparation of frozen tissue sectionscore or researcherMR6 G710 (BTRF)
Olympus BX41TF with 12 megapixel Digital Camera and Olympus Microsuite Pathologybright-field photomicroscopy and remote collaborationcore or researcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Nikon COOLSCOPEbright-field photomicroscopycore or researcherMR6 G712 (BTRF)
Leica SCN400 digital whole-slide scanner with SlidePath Digital Image Hub, Tissue IA, and OpTMA Modulebright-field whole slide imaging, image analysis, and tissue microarray de-arraying, annotation, and analysiscoreMR6 B703 (BTRF)
Sakura Finetek VIP5 Processorautomated processing of formalin-fixed tissuecoreMR6 G710 (BTRF)
Sakura Finetek Tissue-Tek TECpreparation of paraffin blockscoreMR6 G710 (BTRF)
Microm HM 325 with collimatormicrotome for sectioning paraffin blocks and tissue microarrayscoreMR6 G710 (BTRF)
MVE-Chart 1536P vapor phase LN2 freezersvapor phase biospecimen storagecoreMR6 B501 (BTRF)
-30º C freezerbiospecimen storage
coreMR6 G701A (BTRF)
-80º C freezersbiospecimen storage
coreMR6 G701A (BTRF)
10X Genomics Chromium ControllerChromium Single Cell 3′ RNA Seqcore Pinn 1076 (GATC)
Illumina MiSeq sequencing systemsmall, rapid next gen sequencing projectscorePinn 1044 (GATC)
Illumina NextSeq sequencing system
small genome sequencing, exome sequencing, transcriptome sequencingcorePinn 1044 (GATC)
Applied Biosystems Prism QuantStudio 6 Flex Real Time PCR Systemreal time PCRcore Pinn 1076 (GATC)
Agilent Bioanalyzer
capillary electrophoresis of small samples of DNA and RNA for quality controlcore or researcherPinn 1044 (GATC)
NanoVue Spectrophotometer
measuring absorbances of small volumes, especially quantitation of DNAcore Pinn 1076 (GATC)
Qubit fluorometerquantitating small samples of DNA and RNA by fluorescencecore or researcherPinn 1044 (GATC)
QIAcube DNA/RNA purification apparatusnucleic acid extractioncorePinn 1044 (GATC)
Bio-Rad QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR Systemabsolute quantitation of DNA and RNAcore or researcherPinn 1076 (GATC)
Sage Pippin Preppreparation of libraries for NGS using agaroe gel electrophoresis to isolate the desired size(s)researcherPinn 1076 (GATC)
Covaris S2Shear DNA to sizes suitable for sequencingresearcherPinn 1076 (GATC)
Agilent Tape StationAnalysis of RNA by electrophoretic separationcore or researcherPinn 1076 (GATC)
SensorMedics Vmax Metabolic Stress Testing SystemsClinical measurement of oxygen consumption during exercisecoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
BOD POD GS Body Composition tracking system (COSMED)Air displacement plethysmography system for determining body composition, e.g. fat free tissue and fat tissuecoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
GE Case Exercise Testing System including ECG and TreadmillClinical measurement of oxygen consumption during exercisecoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
Monark Arm Crank ErgometerUpper body ergometercoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
Quinton Q-Stress ECG systemElectrocardiograph for exercise testing; compatible with Lode ergometercoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
Lode Bicycle ErgometerElectronically calibrated research ergometercoreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
YSI 2900 Lactate/Glucose Dual AnalyzerMeasurement of lactate and glucose at rest and during exercise
coreCollins 2406 (EPCL)
sliceOmatic (TomoVision) software
Medical image analysis software for measurement, segmentation and analyzes of multi-slice scanner data.core Collins 2406 (EPCL)
Brachial Analyzer (MIA Vascular Research Tools 5) software
Medical image analysis software for the assessment of FMD/endothelial function of brachial artery from ultrasound image data.core Collins 2406 (EPCL)
Attune™ NxThigh throughput cytometry with 4 lasers, 14 colors and autosamplercore Pinn 2013 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson FACSVantage SE Turbo Sorter with DIVA cell sorter10 color, 4 way sorting, sterile sorting, BSL2 materials, with 3 laserscore Pinn 2013 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson Fortessa LSRII benchtop analyzer4 lasers, 17 detectors at up to 30,000 cells/sec
core or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson/Cytek FACSCalibur Benchtop Analyzer3 laser, 5 color analysescore or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson/Cytek FACSCalibur Benchtop Analyzer4 laser, 10 color analyses with Automated Micro-Sampler system for 96 well platescore or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson/Cytek FACSCalibur Benchtop Analyzer2 laser, 4 color analysescore or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Becton Dickinson/Cytek FACSCalibur Benchtop Analyzer2 laser, color analysesresearcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP LX 9 Color3 laser, 9 color analysis at up to 30,000 cells/seccore or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Amnis ImagestreamX Mark IIimaging cytometer, for dark field, bright field and fluorescent images with 4 lasers, 12 channels, 20X, 40X, 60X magnifications, 96 well plate automationcore or researcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Luminex MAGPIX®measures multiple analytes such as chemokines from mouse or human samplePinn 2011 (FCCF)
BD Influx cell sorter for BSL2 samples in custom Baker biosafety cabinet6 way sorting of BSL2 samples using 5 lasers, 15 colorscorePinn 2013 (FCCF)
FACSAria™ Fusionsorting of BSL2 samples with 5 lasers, 15 colors, 4 way sorting(FCCF)
Fluidigm CyTOF 2 Heliosanalysis of multiple parameters at single cell levelcorePinn 2013 (FCCF)
AutoMACS Pro
Isolation of cell populations labelled with 50 nm superparamagnetic particles conjugated to antibodies to cell surface antigensresearcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Data analysis work station (5)
4 Mac stations and 1 PC with FloJo and Modfit softwareresearcherPinn 2011 (FCCF)
Leica DM IRB inverted microscopescoreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
Leitz micromanipulatorscoreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
Sutter P-87 micropipette puller
coreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
De Fonbrune microforgecoreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
Bio-Cool BCIV40A Controlled-Rate FreezercoreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
XYClone laser systemcoreMR5 G339 (GEMM)
BTX ECM630 ElectroporatorcorePinn 2223 (GEMM)
Eppendorf EP Gradient Mastercyclercore
Pinn 2223 (GEMM)
UVIdoc LCD Gel Documentation Systemcore
Pinn 2223 (GEMM)
Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time Of Flight mass spectrometer (MALDI-TOF), Bruker Microflexmeasure mass of intact molecules, normally peptides, protein, also small pieces of DNA, other moleculescore or researcher
Pinn 1105 (BAF)
Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-Xidentification and sequencing of proteins; proteomics, analysis of other biomoleculescore
Pinn 1105 (BAF)
FEI Tecnai™ Spirittransmission electron microscopy of negatively stained samples, cryo-electron microscopyresearcherLife Sciences Annex, Snyder (MEMC)
FEI Tecnai™ F20
cryo-electron microscopy (moderate resolution), high resolution negative stain electron microscopyresearcherLife Sciences Annex, Snyder (MEMC)
FEI Titan Krioshigh resolution cryo-electron microscopyresearcherLife Sciences Annex, Snyder (MEMC)
FEI Vitrobotsample vitrification for cryo-transmission electron microscopyresearcherLife Sciences Annex, Snyder (MEMC)
7 Tesla Bruker/Siemens ClinScan small animal MRIMRI scans of small animalscore or researchMR4 1184 (MIC)
Caliper IVIS Spectrum bioluminescence and fluorescence scannerfluorescence and luminescence scanner for tissue samplesfluorescence and luminescence scanner for tissue samplescore or researchSnyder (MIC)
Bruker Aibira Si trimodal PET/SPCET/CT scannerscan small animals using positron emission, gamma emission and X-rays with sub-millimeter resolutionSnyder (MIC)
Siemens Eclipse Cyclotron
production of isotopes for PET scanningcore and Siemens/PETNETSnyder (MIC)
Radiochemistry modulessynthesis of radiolabelscore
ultrasound scannerultrasound imaging
Tissue processors for formalin and Bouin’s fixed tissuescoreMR5 1035 (RHC)
tissue embedding stationMR5 1035 (RHC)
microtomespreparing thin sections for microscopycoreMR5 1035 (RHC)
stainer, automatedstaining of tissue sectionscoreMR5 1035 (RHC)
cryostatpreparing frozen tissue sections for microscopycoreMR5 1035 (RHC)
fluorescent plate readerassays using fluorescent reagents in 6 to 384 well plates
researcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
circular dichroism spectropolarimeter, JASCO J-1500secondary structure of proteins, including melting studiesresearcher Pinn 1074 (BAF)
Dionex HPLC system for 0.3 to 4.6 mm diameter columnsanalysis of small samples of peptides, proteins and other moleculescorePinn 1051 BAF)
Bio-Rad GS-800 densitometerscanning X-ray type films, gels stained with visible stains like Coomassie and silverresearcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
ImageQuant Tl softwarerelative quantitation of bands on gels and filmresearcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
Aperio ScanScopebrightfield scanning of microscopy slide to digital images at magnifications of 20X, 40X, 63X for digital pathologycore or researcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
fortéBIO Octet96molecular interactions using BioLayer Interferometry
researcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
Acea xCELLigence RTCA real time cell analysis instrumentreal time, continuous measurement of cellular activity, including migration, based on impedance measurements
researcherPinn 1051 BAF)
Biotek ELx800 absorbance plate readerabsorbance measurements on microtiter plates at 450, 562, 600, 660 nmresearcherPinn 1074 (BAF)
Lonza 4D Nucleofector with X unittransfection of mammalian cellscore or researcherPinn 1071 (SCC)
Inverted microscopes, Axio and Olympuscore or researcherPinn 2034 (TCF)
Olympus IM microscopecore or researcherPinn 2034 (TCF)
CO2 incubatorscore or researcherPinn 2034 (TCF)
Incubatorsmaintenance of insect cell linescore Pinn 2034 (TCF)
cold storage, -80°C, liquid nitrogencell storageccore Pinn 2034 (TCF)
Biosafety cabinets (3)cell culturePinn 2034 (TCF)

Core abbreviations: AMF, Advanced Microscopy Facility; BAF, Biomolecular Analysis Facility; BioNMR, Biomolecular Magnetic Resonance Facility; BTRF, Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility; GATC, Genome Analysis and Technology Core; EPCL, Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory; FCCF, Flow Cytometry Core Facility; GEMM, Genetically Engineered Murine Model Core; MEMC, Molecular Electron Microscopy Core; MIC, Molecular Imaging Core; RHC, Research Histology Core; TCF, SCC, Stem Cell Core; Tissue Culture Facility.*Location information is building name and room number. MSB, Medical School Building. Pinn Hall was formerly called Jordan Hall