NIH funded equipment list in research cores

Equipment funded by SIG and High End Instrument grants and installed in the last fifteen years.

Papers which use data from these instruments need to have an acknowledgement of these instruments and funding.

Use an acknowledgement like:

The data described here was gathered on (instrument from table) funded by National Institutes of Health grant (S10 grant number from table).

Advanced Microscopy Facilitty2017S10 OD021723
Becton Dickinson FACS FusionFlow Cytometry CoreJanuary 20151S10RR029375-01
Falcon II direct detector for Titan KriosMolecular Electron Microscopy CoreMarch 20141S10OD018149-01
Zeiss Sigma VP HD field emission Scanning Electron MicroscopeAdvanced Microscopy FacilityMay 20131S10OD011966-01A1
Titan Krios 300 keV transmission electron Cryo-microscope
Molecular Electron Microscopy CoreApril 20131S10RR025067-01
Cyclone Cyclotron and radiochemistry laboratoryMolecular Imaging CoreNovember 20111S10RR025087-01
Amnis ImageStreamXFlow Cytometry CoreAugust 2011
Becton Dickinson LSR IIFlow Cytometry CoreJanuary 20101S10RR025460-01
Caliper IVIS SpectrumMolecular Imaging CoreDecember 20091S10RR025694-01
Thermo Electron LTQ Velos Orbitrap mass spectrometerW.M. Keck Biomedical Mass Spectrometry CoreMay 2009
Bruker ClinScan MRIMolecular Imaging Core20051S10RR019911-01

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