S10 grant funded equipment in School of Medicine

Major equipment funded by NIH through S10 grants to researchers in the School of Medicine since 1998

*The list below was supplied by the Office for Research, School of Medicine.

Fiscal yearProject NamePrincipal InvestigatorAward no.AwardStartEnd
1998Protein Ablation MicroscopeGorbsky, G J1S10RR12843-01$211,6293/1/19982/28/1999
2000Acquisition Of 200keV FEG Cryo-electron MicroscopeEgelman, Edward H1S10RR14630-01$500,0005/1/004/30/01
2000BiacoreFox, Jay W1S10RR13652-01$250,0004/1/003/31/01
2001Instrumentation for ProteomicsFox, Jay W1S10RR15948-01$321,0004/15/014/14/02
2002Molecular Dynamics TyphoonBarrett, Eugene J1S10RR16887-01$123,9203/1/022/28/03
2004Ultrasound for Clinical Microvascular ImagingBarrett, Eugene J1S10RR019417-01$188,8435/15/045/14/05
2005NCRR High End Instrumentation ProgramBerr, Stuart S1S10RR019911-01$1,980,0004/15/054/14/06
2006JEOL Model JEM-1230 Transmission Electron MicroscoMacara Ian G1S10RR021017-01$411,8009/1/058/31/06
2006Quantative and Phospho Proteomics InstrumentationFox, Jay W1S10RR022595-01$476,6004/1/063/31/07
2007Acquision of Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA AnalyzerBao, Yongde1S10RR023669-01$248,0001/15/074/30/08
2007800 MHz NMR Spectrometer for High-End NMR Structural studiesBushweller, John H1S10RR023035-01$2,000,0008/1/067/31/07
2008iCyt Reflection Cell SorterBender, Timothy P1S10RR024655-01$499,1019/20/079/19/08
2009300 keV Liquid Helium Robotic MicroscopeEgelman, Edward H1S10RR025067-01$2,000,0005/1/094/30/10
2009Becton Dickinson LSR IIBender, Timothy P1S10RR025460-01$378,5804/1/093/31/10
2009Thermo Electron LTQ Orbitrap XL-ETD mass spetrometerSherman, Nicholas E1S10RR025445-01$500,0005/1/094/30/10
2009in vivo optical imaging scanner for small animal researchBerr, Stuart S1S10RR025694-01$360,0931/1/0912/31/09
2009IBA Cyclone 18/9 CyclotronBerr, Stuart S1S10RR025087-01$1,992,3007/1/086/30/09
2010Atomic Force MicroscopeCreutz, Carl E1S10RR026490-01$203,2505/13/105/12/11
2010Small Animal Radiation Research Platform with Cone-Beam CT guidanceLarner, James M1S10RR027516-01$498,92512/10/0912/9/10
2011Flow Cytometry for BSL3Petri, William A Jr1S10RR029375-01$599,0009/15/109/14/11
2011MBF Bioscience and Zeiss microscope system for stereology and tissue morphologyOkusa, Mark D1S10RR026799-01$278,3128/1/107/31/11
2011ImageSteamXBender, Timothy P1S10RR031633-01$520,0005/1/114/30/12
2012JSM-7001 FTTLS Scanning Electron MicroscopeJeffrey T. CorwinS10OD011966-01A1$531,500July 2013
201364 Channel EEG Amplifier SystemEdward H. BertramS10OD016291-01$273,556October 2013
2013Zeiss 780 NLO High Sensitivity Multiphoton Microscopy SystemAmmasi PeriasamyS10OD016446$599,690October 2013
2014Direct Electron Detector for a Titan Krios Robotic Electron Cryo-MicroscopeEdward H. EgelmanS10OD018149$500,000June 2014
2014High-Performance Xe129 Gas Polarization System for MR ImagingJaime MataS10OD018079-01$600,000July 2017
2016Trimodal PET/SPECT/CT Preclinical Scanner for Biomedical ResearchStuart S. BerrS10OD21672$1,164,200
2017Operetta CLS High-Content Imaging SystemJohn S. LazoS10OD021723$516,040December 2017
2018Upgrade of Bruker EPR SpectrometerDavid CafisoS10OD025149$396,050
2019Small-Animal 9.4T MRI for Biomedical ResearchStuart BerrS10OD025024 $2,000,000
2019High-speed and High-resolution Zeiss880 Multiphoton Microscopy SystemAmmasi PeriasamyS10OD025156 $600,000

Papers and reports using data from instruments above installed in the last five years must contain an acknowledgement like:

The data described here was gathered on (instrument from table) funded by National Institutes of Health grant (S10 grant number from table).

NIH lists guidelines for acknowledgement of S10 grant funded equipment and original directive