Gut microbiome implicated as a causal factor in kwashiorkor

To investigate the role of the gut microbiome in kwashiorkor, an enigmatic form of severe acute malnutrition, researchers performed a longitudinal comparative study of the fecal microbiomes of monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic (DZ) twin pairs born in Malawi who became discordant for kwashiorkor. The study also included dietary experiments in gnotobiotic mice that had received gut microbiota transplants from twins discordant for kwashiorkor. Authors of the paper include CPHG faculty Pat Concannon, PhD, Josyf Mychaleckyj, MA, DPhil, and Steve Rich, PhD.   Gut Microbiomes of Malawian Twin Pairs Discordant for Kwashiorkor was published online in the January 30, 2013 issue of Science.