CPHG hosts visiting scholar Caroline Brorsson

Caroline Brorsson, a post doctoral research fellow at the University Hospital Herlev in Copenhagen, Denmark spent 3 months this summer as a visiting scholar at the Center. Brorsson’s work involved collaborating with other researchers at UVa, and analyzing ImmunoChip genotyping data on Danish type 1 diabetes cohorts. The cohorts included almost 3400 diabetic cases and 2000 healthy control individuals. The samples included in this study have been collected from different Danish sources. The largest cohort consists of samples from a nation-wide biobank for children who are diagnosed with diabetes before the age of 17 years. The biobank is connected to the national diabetes register, which collects baseline and follow-up data from all diabetes clinics in Denmark. A second cohort consists of long-standing diabetic cases with and without diabetic complications. This cohort has electronic medical records (EMRs) available and will be part of an ongoing collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark with the focus to mine the data of the EMRs and combine with genetic data. The last cohort consists of a unique multi-ethnic and Danish collection of children with diabetes who have been followed closely for the first year after disease onset. Brorsson’s research focus is to correlate genetic variation with baseline and longitudinal clinical and biochemical data for these cohorts with the aim to better understand differences in disease phenotypes and disease progression.

During her visit, Brorsson also had the opportunity to explore Charlottesville and the surrounding area. She especially enjoyed the local restaurants and micro-breweries, the Farmers’ Market, Fridays after Five concerts, and hiking the mountains of Shenandoah National Park.  Since returning home, Brorsson continues her work at University Hospital Herlev in the research group of Professor Flemming Pociot, focusing primarily on the genetics of type 1 diabetes.