Quinlan gives plenary session talk at Biology of Genomes meeting

CPHG faculty member, Dr. Aaron Quinlan, gave the plenary session talk at The Biology of Genomes meeting on May 9th. Held annually at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory in New York, it is considered to be the premier genomics meeting in the world with presentations by many of the top genomic scientists. Dr. Quinlan’s talk described his research which seeks to understand how ovarian cancer genomes evolve subsequent to chemotherapy. He emphasized the importance of this research noting that ovarian cancer has the highest mortality rate among gynecological malignancies, due to the fact that most patients are diagnosed with advanced stage disease, and that the majority develop chemoresistant disease. In order to identify genetic mutations that might give insight into what is driving the acquisition of resistance, the Quinlan Lab sequenced the DNA of patient tumors both before and after chemotherapy. The resulting data yields insight into the common genes and pathways that drive resistance and hint at future personalized therapies.