Administrative Core

Role of the Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides scientific direction and organizational structure to support and facilitate both the research of DERC members and the scientific development within the core laboratories. This administrative work includes:

  1. interfacing with the University and School of Medicine administration regarding procedural, personnel and budgetary planning, and
  2. consultation with an Executive Committee regarding scientific, operational, and institutional issues that either impact upon or are affected by the DERC.

The Director, and Associate Directors, and Grants Specialist conduct the day-to-day oversight of DERC activities. Regarding fiscal planning, the Administrative Core is responsible for monitoring expenditures, ordering of equipment and supplies for the Core Laboratories and Pilot and Feasibility investigators, and for grants management. The Administrative Core provides, through the Core Laboratory Directors, scientific oversight and guidance to the Cores, both with regard to service functions and development activities.

Through the Enrichment Program, the Administrative Core provides resources to bring visiting scientists, working on diabetes and related metabolic disorders, to the institution, thereby stimulating scientific inquiry in this area. The Administrative Core attracts investigators through the Pilot and Feasibility Program to address questions of scientific importance that are relevant to diabetes mellitus. It also fosters the development and success of investigator efforts through the use of the core laboratories and the Enrichment Program.

Finally, the Administrative Core provides a very visible, vital, institutional focus for members and participants of the DERC as well as for the University of Virginia faculty and staff involved with diabetes or endocrine research.