Jasmeen Dhillon, MS

Jasmeen Dhillon, MS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Email: jkd9ud@uvahealth.org
Office: 560 Ray C Hunt Drive,
Charlottesville, VA, 22903


B.A Biostatistics, University of Virginia, 2020
M.S. Biomedical Science, Wake Forest University, 2022

Professional Activities:

As a Clinical Research Coordinator, Jasmeen is involved in a Type 2 Diabetes study, and is in charge of recruiting participants, ensuring IRB compliance with consent and protocol forms, and managing study reports. She also is involved with data collection, analysis, and inputting data from studies into clinical databases.

Personal Activities:

In Jasmeen’s free time, she loves to cook and bake new recipes. She also enjoys running, hiking, and walking her dog, Lil Bit. Her favorite pastime is trying new coffee concoctions at the myriad coffee shops in Charlottesville.