José García-Tirado, PhD

Dr. José García-Tirado received his PhD in 2014 from the Department of Process and
Energy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. In 2014, he joined the Metropolitan Institute
of Technology (ITM) in Medellin, Colombia as Assistant Professor and head of the
research group Quality, Metrology, and Production. At the end of 2017, Dr. García-
Tirado joined the Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT) as Research Associate. His
research interests include systems identification, estimation theory, receding-horizon
control and estimation, and modeling of the glucose homeostasis. In his current work,
Dr. García-Tirado is mainly devoted on the individualization of behavioral patterns
(eating and exercise patterns) from CGM, insulin pump, and activity tracker data and its
use in advanced control strategies to improve the artificial pancreas technology. In his
spare time, Dr. García-Tirado enjoys hiking, listening to the salsa music, watching South
American and European football games, watching movies, and traveling.