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stock image 4The School of Medicine is adopting a strategy of leveraging diversity and inclusion to drive the School’s mission of excellence in the delivery of quality patient care, the conduct of biomedical research, and the training of health professionals. The School of Medicine aspires to be a national leader in the creation and sharing of health knowledge within a culture that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine 

NewFaculty-1-e1415990689553-300x219As the United States continues to experience unprecedented socio-demographic changes, a focus on achieving institutional excellence through strategic integration of diverse groups, including the integration of racial, gender, and ethnic diversity is essential to both medical education and delivery of quality health care. Consequently, the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia must explicitly embrace this mandate and actively engage faculty, staff, and students in the process of transforming the existing culture into one that better fosters a climate of diversity and inclusion, integrates diversity strategically, and identifies innovative initiatives to expand the access to medical education in support of inclusion. Excellence in this context refers to high quality patient care, research, and teaching, a culturally responsive climate, a focus on community outreach, and an engaged workforce.

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