Doctors in Dialogue

UVA Med students hosted“Doctors in Dialogue: A Symposium on Race at UVA Med.”

Photo: UVA education in action

Students at the University of Virginia’s Medical School spoke out about a topic they say many have been silent about. The students hosted a dialogue concerning how patient health can suffer because of racism. In recent months, events both in Charlottesville and nationwide have shifted conversation on race to the forefront. Recently four medical students came up with the idea for “Doctors in Dialogue” after an African American student’s arrest last March. They say it’s time racism ends, both in the community and in the hospital.
Moderators included: Sgt. Casey Acord of the UVA Police Department, Dr. Maurice AppreyHolly Edwards, Charlene Green, Dr. Max Luna, Dr. Marcus Martin, and Dr. Gregory Townsend.

We needed to have a discussion in the med school. It kind of had been silent.”
-Lauren Evers, Organizer

More than 100 University of Virginia medical school students came out for the event. Speakers say having a conversation about race is especially important with this audience because they are the future of health care.

It’s not surprising that even physicians who are encountering people who are not like them are going to treat them differently than people who are like them and that includes giving pain medication. Unless we address the problems of race, we’re not going to be able to address those disparities.”
Greg Townsend, Associate Dean for Diversity in Medical Education

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