Buford Middle ~ Inside UVA

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Dear UVA,
I want to thank you for having me and my classmates to your wonderful hospital and medical center. I had an amazing time. My favorite part was either being on the helipad, or talking to the dummy. I bet you guys spent a lot of time getting the field trip ready for us. You guys work everyday to save and/or improve people’s lives. Two years ago, my grandmother’s life was saved at your hospital, and for that, I cannot thank you enough. You guys are amazing.
Thank you – Malcolm B.”

 Inside UVA Medicine Conference Brings Buford 7th Graders to Grounds

In October 2016, the School of Medicine and School of Nursing hosted students from Charlottesville’s Buford Middle School – every year over 250 7th Graders attend an event called “Inside UVA Medicine.”

The 7th graders receive a tour of the Helipad, CT room and Ultrasound room, where they can ask questions and interact with UVA health professionals. They also receive a specially designed hands-on experience in either the School of Nursing Simulation Center or the School of Medicine Simulation Center. At the School of Nursing, students are guided through blood pressure and pulse readings, and allowed to operate lift machines, while interacting with Nursing Students. At the School of Medicine, students are introduced to the technical side of our Simulation Manikins Photo: UVA School of Medicine, woman with simulator patient.to include the computer elements, audio visual props and the breathing simulators. Our residents treated the students to a hands-on talk while discussing their paths within the field of medicine.

The 7th graders’ visit to the UVA medical center is aimed at introducing students to multiple career fields. Within the UVA Health System, there are over 7,000 positions, our aim is for students to understand that there are multiple directions to take when choosing a health career. The School of Medicine employees show the Buford students career fields that require schooling from several months to several years. It is an excellent way to introduce students to a mindset that it is not only physicians working within a hospital. There are several different employees from nurses,
engineers, computer programmers, and emergency techs working together to make each department flow.

These conferences provide a window into the field of medicine and give local students an “up-close-and-personal look at careers in academic medicine. The middle-schoolers had a chance to talk to UVA medical students and Health System employees about why they chose medicine as a career, the resources available to support that goal, and the training and preparation it requires.

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