Diversity Consortium

Photo: UVA Diversity Consortium team members

The mission of the Diversity Consortium is to further diversity and inclusion in the School by recommending efforts aimed at initiating, maintaining, and improving programs, policies, and processes that support a culture of equality, inclusion, fairness, and the value all individuals. These efforts touch upon all stakeholders involved in the activities of the School of Medicine, including students, Graduate Medical Education trainees, faculty, staff, patients and community. The specific goals of the Diversity Consortium are informed by the School Diversity Strategic Plan.

The Diversity Consortium is an advisory body. Its recommendations are conveyed to the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, which is composed of the Dean, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, the Senior Associate Dean for Education, the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, director of the Summer Medical Leadership Program, and chair of the Committee on Women. The Diversity Consortium consists of leadership, representative members, ex officio members, and administrative staff, as follows:

The chair is the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. A vice chair is elected by a majority vote of the Diversity Consortium.

Representative members:
The Diversity Consortium consists of individuals who represent students, residents, faculty, and staff throughout the Health System. The Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion solicits nominations from department chairs and the faculty at large and recommends members to the Dean for appointment. A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 voting members are appointed by the Dean, in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, and the Senior Associate Dean for Education, for three-year terms, which may be renewed once. A member who has served two terms may be reappointed after rotating off of the Diversity Consortium for a full year. Student and Graduate Medical Education trainees may serve for less than three years.

Ex officio members
The senior associate dean for faculty affairs and faculty development, the senior associate dean for education, the associate dean for diversity and inclusion, a dean from the Regional Campus (designated by the dean of the School), and the University vice president and chief officer for diversity and equity serve as voting ex officio members. In addition, a fourth-year medical student serves as an ex officio member of the DC; this student is a representative from School of Medicine diversity and inclusion student organizations.

Administrative members
Diversity Consortium meetings are held monthly and as often as necessary to carry out its missions assuming an agenda to be discussed. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Administrative Generalist keep minutes and works with the Diversity Consortium Chair to set and distribute the meeting agenda, and to inform members of meeting dates, times and locations.