Program Alumni

UVA Medical Academic Enrichment Program
Distinguished Alumni

Michael D. Williams, MD, FACS
Former UVA SMDEP Principal Investigator and Director
Former UVA SMLP Principal Investigator and Director
Director of The UVA Center for Health Policy, The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Integration, Director of Emergency General Surgery, Associate Professor of Surgery and Public Health Sciences, UVA Health System and School of Medicine.

D. Kojo Hamilton MDD. Kojo Hamilton MD, FAANS
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Residency Program Director – UPMC Mercy Hospital
Department of Neurological Surgery

Jacqueline Barrientos, MD 2Jacqueline Barrientos, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
CLL Research & Treatment Center
Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine



Renata Arrington Sanders, MDRenata Arrington Sanders, MD, MPH, ScM
Assistant Professor
Division of General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Keith Warren, M.D.

Keith Warren, MD
Former Chair and Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology,
University of Kansas School of Medicine



LTC Michael Nelson, M.D., Ph.D

COL Michael Nelson, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics,
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine;
Chief, Clinical Laboratory Immunology Research Secton,
U.S. Army; Chief, U.S. Centralized Allergen Extract Lab;
Chief, Allergy and Immunology Clinic, Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital

Eminent physicians and biomedical researchers who have served as “Distinguished Program Speakers” include:

  • Sir John Kendrew
    Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. Jerome Karle
    Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. William Lipscomb
    Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. David Satcher
    former Surgeon-General
  • Dr. Steven Schroeder
    former President, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Dr. Robert Petersdorf
    President Emeritus, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Dr. Jordan Cohen
    former President, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Dr. Vivian Pinn
    Director of Emeritus, NIH Office for Research on Women’s Health
  • Dr. Roscoe Moore
    former Assistant Surgeon General and Associate Director for Development Support and African Affairs
  • Dr. Thomas Hunter
    former Dean, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Dr. Robert Carey
    Dean Emeritus, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Dr. Donald Wilson
    Dean Emeritus, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Dr. Haile Debas
    former Dean, University of California San Francisco
  • Dr. Arthur Garson
    former Dean University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Dr. James Gavin
    former President, Morehouse School of Medicine