SRIP FAQs & Application

Sample Application | Applicant FAQs

The on-line application does not save your work, so please review the sample application and prepare any answers which require longer statements before you begin the actual application to avoid losing your work.

The University of Virginia is proud to offer a summer research internship opportunity to qualified undergraduates.  Accepted students will be matched with a faculty mentor in one of our basic medical science departments at UVA for a one-on-one laboratory research experience.  More about SRIP

Once you follow the link to the secure application form, you will be asked to provide a variety of information, including a brief paragraph that describes any specific research interests you may have. In this paragraph, state the departments or programs, or research centers at UVA with which you are familiar, and the names of UVA faculty members you know or have heard of with whom you would be interested in doing a summer research project.

  • A sample application, listing the application questions, can be viewed here.
  • Questions frequently asked by applicants are answered here.

After you submit your on-line information, you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to complete the remainder of your SRIP Application. Please print that page which contains instructions on how to submit your Recommendation Forms, and Official Transcripts.  To consider your application we need a minimum of two letters of recommendation and all official transcripts from each institution you have attended.