International Students

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  • The Lorna Sundberg International Student Center: Founded in 1972, the Lorna Sundberg International Center provides a comfortable environment for the sharing of cultures at U.Va.  A division of the International Studies Office, we help support the University’s broader global education initiatives
  • The Institute of International Education website: Lists a plethora of resources for non-U.S. students, including the Freeman Assist Internship Program which provides international students from select countries with scholarships to subsidize unpaid internships.
  • The International Student City Career Center provides comprehensive career advice which addresses the unique concerns that international students face as they look for employment in the United States.
  • Going Global can be accessed through your MyUCS or CAVLink account and contains an H1B Info section on American employers that have submitted H1B visa applications within the past year.
  • Visit this site for US immigration details, H1-B visa information, as well as, employment opportunities in the US for foreign nationals.
  • features an online database of American employers that sponsor H1-B visa holders. The databases are broken down by industry and can be accessed for a fee.