Photo: The School of Medicine group 2016Our efforts to diversify our faculty and administrative leadership through career progression will be aided by building upon the successes of student-focused inclusion efforts. The School of Photo: The School of Medicine graduates 2015Medicine (SOM) has over three decades’ experience promoting diversity among medical and graduate student classes in several educational and mentoring programs. Established in 1984 under the aegis of the UVA SOM Dean’s Office,Photo: The School of Medicine group the Medical Academic Advancement Program (MAAP) provided a six-week residential program for first and second year college students interested in medicine and dentistry but who have been traditionally underrepresented in those fields. At the University of Virginia School of Medicine our primary purpose is to educate and train physicians to help people achieve healthy productive lives and advance knowledge in the medical sciences.

Inclusion as a Strategy for Excellence in the School of Medicine is the recognition that the institution’s success is dependent on how Photo: The School of Medicine graduates well it values, engages, and includes diverse faculty, staff, students, patients, and suppliers. More than a short-term project or a narrow initiative, this comprehensive approach requires a fundamental transformation of the School’s culture by embedding and practicing inclusion in every effort, aspect, and level of the institution. The goal is to make inclusion a norm that is implemented and practiced.