Sample preparation for DNA and RNA

A Sage Science Pippin Prep prepares libraries of a specific size, or size range between 100 bp – 1.5 kb. When the size(s) of interest are eluting from the end of the gel, an electrode in a collection chamber directs the DNA to the collection chamber. Run time is less than 2 hours. The size of fragments is estimated from fluorescently labeled standards. The standard gel used here for the Pippin Prep is 2% agarose, dye free, with external marker in a cassette that can accommodate 4 samples. Other cassettes are available from the manufacturer. The Covaris instrument shears nucleic acids into suitably sized pieces for Next Generation Sequencing using focused acoustic energy. Commonly a sweep of acoustic frequencies is applied to the sample. Covaris has protocols to shear DNA to sizes of 150 to 1500 base pairs.

Sage Science Pippin

Pippin gel cassette

Covaris S2