Department of Medicine

The University of Virginia Department of Medicine comprises 373 faculty members, 29 NPs and PAs, 105 residents-in-training, 98 clinical and postdoctoral fellows, and approximately 330 staff employees.

The Department strives to provide excellent patient care, educate the next generation of clinicians and healthcare leaders, and promote cutting-edge biomedical research.

Education Programs in the Department of Medicine

With over 300 faculty members Medical Students, Residents and Fellows are offered a large portfolio of options.

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UVA Endocrinology & Metabolism Fellowship Program

The Endocrinology/Metabolism Training Program provides intensive clinical training (and research training, if applicable) for physicians who have completed a residency in internal medicine...

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UVA Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program

The goal of all the Division's training programs is to prepare graduate students, postdoctoral and medical fellows as independent investigators in the field of infectious diseases. Our philosophy is that interactions between basic scientists and clinicians in research and during training are essential for the breakthroughs and discoveries needed in this field...

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UVA Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program

The Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship at UVA is a three-year program that provides a strong background in clinical pulmonary medicine and the management of critically ill patients...

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Research in Motion - Mitch Rosner, MD, MACP

Watch the Video: Mitchell H. Rosner, MD, Chair, Department of Medicine and Kidney Specialist, whose research focuses on salt and water metabolism in endurance athletes.

Jonathan Lindner, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

"I love getting into a research sandbox where there’s interaction between a diverse set of people.” —Professor Jonathan Lindner, MD, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, on his research about new ways to image the heart non-invasively.

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Eric Houpt, MD, Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health

“The main focus of my research is to develop molecular tools, think of it like a magnifying glass, that can really finely diagnose the cause of different infections. We apply this to lung diseases, childhood infections, and diarrheal diseases.” —Eric Houpt, MD

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Antonio Abbate, MD PhD, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Antonio Abbate, MD, PhD, professor of medicine in the Cardiovascular Division researching how inflammation impacts heart disease and how to block interleukin-1 molecules so patients feel better.

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Division of Rheumatology Research and Educational Updates – September 2023

Message from Janet Lewis MD, Rheumatology, Division Chief I am proud of the continued commitment to patient care exhibited by the Division faculty members, fellows, and clinical staff over the…

Message from the Chair – September 2023

September is a time that we celebrate Women in Medicine Month. This is a time to recognize the growing number of women in medicine, celebrate their many accomplishments, and recognize…

Division of Nephrology Research and Educational Updates – August 2023

Message from Mark Okusa MD, Nephrology, Division Chief [caption id="attachment_23521" align="alignleft" width="271"] Mark Okusa MD[/caption] We are grateful to have an exceptional Nephrology team! As we remain COVID-19 vigilant, our…

Message from the Chair – August 2023

I wanted to lead off with some amazing news regarding our research mission this month. In the last several years, the amount of extramural funding support coming to the Department…

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