Grading Policies

Geriatric Clerkship: Grading Policies

Students are expected to demonstrate professional behavior and attitudes, in addition to demonstrating their knowledge and clinical abilities.

To pass the clerkship, a student must pass all portions of the clerkship and both final exam exercises. A student who is “unsatisfactory” on any part of the clinical clerkship or who receives an “unsatisfactory” grade from a faculty member will be reviewed by the clerkship director who will make recommendations regarding that student. A student who fails the overall clerkship will be required to retake the clerkship, subject to review by the Promotions Committee. A student who passes the clinical portion of the clerkship but fails the exam will be required to retake the exam, subject to review by the Promotions Committee.

Grading Components

    • Clinical Performance – 25%
      Your clinical performance grade will be determined by the evaluations you receive from your primary preceptor as well as other faculty and community health care workers with whom you are paired. More weight will be given to the evaluations by your primary preceptor as they will have more opportunities to observe your clinical performance and professionalism


    • Workshop Participation – 25%
      Your workshop participation grade will be assigned by the faculty members giving the workshops. Each workshop will be graded individually and the overall workshop grade will be an average of the individual workshop grades. You will be evaluated on attendance, punctuality, preparation, and participation.


  • Final Project – 25%
    You are expected to give a 10-15 minute power point presentation during the final Friday afternoon session of the clerkship. For this project you need to identify a clinical question sparked by a case in which you are involved early in the clerkship (your primary preceptor should help you with this). You must then review the literature to determine the overall consensus regarding the clinical question you have identified. Your presentation should include a brief outline of the case, the clinical question, and the results of your literature review. Please include a title slide with your name and date, as well as a reference slide. The time allotted for each presentation includes question and answer, so the overall presentation should last no more than 15minutes. Please prepare a slide handout for the clerkship director. You will be graded on the following:

1. Clarity of case discussion and clinical question

2. Inclusion of relevant background information

3. Summary of your review of available literature on the topic

4. Conclusion with attempt to answer the clinical question based

on your research

5. Inclusion of references

Please see a list of sample clinical questions under learning resources. This is to give you an example of the kinds of questions you may want to explore, but please feel free to come up with your own.

  • Final Examination & SP Interview – 25%
    Your final exam grade will have 2 components. One component of your final exam grade will be a 20 item multiple choice test. The other component of your final exam grade will be a standardized patient interview conducted on the second Thursday evening of the clerkship.