EMS Fellowship Lecture Series

PDF: EMS Fellowship Lecture Series 2019

* Total number of hours allotted for each topic is represented, but these hours may be split over different presentations over several weeks.

Yearly Total: 148

Title of Session *Type of Didactic Session (e.g. curricular, administrative seminar, journal review, M&M, research seminar)Hours Allotted for SessionIndividual(s) Teaching Session (e.g. EMS Faculty, EMS Fellow, EM Faculty, Other)
EMS medical direction overviewDidactic2EMS faculty
History of EMSDidactic1EMS faculty
EMS system designsDidactic2EMS faculty
EMS dispatch fundamentalsDidactic3EMS faculty
Medicolegal issues in EMSDidactic and case studies4EMS faculty, other
Disaster planning and responseDidactic and experiential4EMS faculty
Multi-casualty careDidactic and experiential2EMS faculty
Special events medical managementDidactic and experiential2EMS faculty
Wilderness medicine responseDidactic and experiential5EM faculty
Hazmat responseDidactic seminar8Other
Special response considerationsDidactic4EMS faculty
Evidence based medicine for EMS protocolsDidactic and computer based4EMS faculty
Research conference, data management, statistical analysis and basics of epidemiology  Research seminar6EMS faculty, EM faculty
EMS system financingDidactic and case studies4EMS faculty, other
Tactical response issuesDidactic and simulation4EMS faculty, other
EMS provider levels and scope of practiceAdministrative seminar2EMS faculty
EMS provider wellnessDidactic3EMS faculty
System status management programsDidactic1EMS faculty, other
ICS systemComputer based4Other
Integrating public health and EMSAdministrative seminar2EMS faculty/public health faculty
EMS rules and regulationsAdministrative seminar2Other
EMS provider training programs and accreditation Didactic3EMS faculty, other
Air medical program considerationsDidactic4EMS faculty
Political pitfalls in medical directionDidactic8EMS faculty
Medical Direction Didactic 12EMS faculty
Quality improvement programs/ design and practiceDidactic and experientialEMS faculty/other
Journal ClubJournal reviews6EMS fellow and EMS faculty
Controversies in EMS medicineDidactic 4EMS faculty
Procedural skills inherent in EMSSimulation and hands on12EMS faculty, other
EVOC trainingDidactic and hands on8Other
Issues of diversion and special designated centersdidactic1EMS faculty
Special patient populationsDidactic 2EMS faculty
Differences in approach to patient diagnoses and care in the prehospital settingDidactic and experiential12EMS faculty, other
Morbidity and mortalityDidactic6EMS fellow and EMS faculty
EMS benchmarkingDidactic, administrative seminars1EMS faculty, other
         Yearly  Total148