International Medicine Locations


Sites: Dhaka (International Center for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research-Bangladesh – ICDDR-B)
Research Focus: Women’s health, amebiasis, diarrhea, enteric infections


Sites: Fortaleza (Universidade Federal do Ceará – UFC), Natal (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN),Salvador (Universidade Federal da Bahia – UFBA), Florianopolis (Universidade Federal do Santa Catarina – UFSC)
Research Focus:
Enteric infections, malabsorption, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, cryptosporidiosis, cognitive functioning, leishmaniasis


Sites: Hefei (Anhui Medical University – AMU)
Research Focus: Helicobacter pylori infection, diarrhea, gastric cancer, malnutrition, enteric infections, cryptosporidiosis


Sites: Accra (University of Ghana Medical School – UGMS), Kumasi (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST)
Research Focus: Meningitis, glutamine supplementation, malaria, diarrhea, amebiasis
Collaborative Research conducted for 20 years


Sites: Quetzaltenango (Primeros Pasos)
Research Focus: Children’s health, preventative medicine, service-learning


Sites: Port-au-Prince (Haitian Group for Study of Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Opportunistic Infections – GHESKIO)
Research Focus: Enteric diagnostics, clinical outcomes of antiretroviral therapy


Sites: Manila (University of the Philippines – UP)
Health Issue/Research Focus: Enteric infections, tuberculosis, diarrhea, sexually transmitted infections

South Africa

Sites: Thohoyandou (University of Venda for Science and Technology – Univen)
Research Focus: Sexual assault, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, malnutrition, diarrhea, enteric infections, Water and Health in Limpopo activities


Sites: Moshi (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center – KCMC and Tumaini University – TU)
Research Focus: HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, enteric infections, new diagnostics, TB and HIV co-infection


Sites: Kampala (Makerere University – MU), Mbarara (Mbarara University of Science and Technology – MUST)
Research Focus: HIV/AIDS, sepsis, fluid rehydration therapy