Emergency Medicine Center for Education, Research and Technology (EMCERT)


In April 1995, the University’s Board of Visitors formally recognized Emergency Medicine as a separate Department in the School of Medicine. As chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine from 1995-2006, Dr. Marcus Martin had a vision for the future of medical education. He saw the potential applications of simulation technologies through all levels of medical education and began to lay the groundwork for the Medical Simulation Center. On October 4, 2000, the EMCERT Advisory Board of the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Virginia was approved by Robert Carey, M.D., Dean of the Medical School and Robert Cantrell, M.D., Vice President & Provost of the University of Virginia. EMCERT has worked very closely with the Claude Moore Foundation to purchase a number of pieces of key equipment that were needed to launch medical simulation at UVA. The EMCERT Advisory Board has been instrumental in the development of the Medical Simulation Center and in securing funding for the Claude Moore Medical Education Building, which houses the Medical Simulation Center. Over the past several years, EMCERT has become more diversified in their support of emergency medicine by supporting technologic advances in advanced airway management, purchasing medical simulation equipment, AEDs for community organizations, and providing seed funding for a joint reduction simulator, development of new research for education, and medical design thinking that will set new ways for medical practitioners to see, care, and provide for patients.


The Advisory Board will consist of a minimum of eight members from the community that are selected and recruited to the board based on their interest and ability to effectively serve as advisors to the Department of Emergency Medicine.  Additional members will include the Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Administrative Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine.

The Advisory Board serves as advocates for EMCERT, University of Virginia Department of Emergency Medicine. Members are expected to help raise community awareness of the department and its priorities. Members will be expected to assist with developing outreach opportunities, fund raising and special events organized to help the department achieve its overall goals that will allow the department to better serve the community.

Be a Local Hero

100% of the funds donated go to help fund projects the UVA Emergency Department has identified. Your donation will help fund programs and equipment that keep our community safer and better prepared in the event of an emergency.


Be a Local Hero – Website through collaboration of local providers and community partners to bring awareness to information and “local heroes” – http://localherocville.org/

UVA Health Foundation – EMCERT Advisory Board Composition – https://healthfoundation.virginia.edu/emcert-advisory-board

Both websites listed above have donation options, the Local Hero site has a direct link to donate to EMCERT and the UVA Health Foundation has a donation link but you will need to emphasis EMCERT on the donation to ensure it is submitted properly through the system.