Physician Spotlight

HolstegeChristopher P. Holstege, MD

Director, Division of Toxicology
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics
Chair Elect of Faculty Senate

Christopher Holstege, MD is having a tremendous impact on our nation’s security, the University of Virginia’s education as a whole and educating a host of future doctors in the Department of Emergency Medicine all the while providing medical assistance to the “Blue Ridge” area and working in the Department of Emergency Medicine with exuberance, charisma and passion.



National Security

Dr. Holstege has aided in the safety of Americans by participating in over 250 media interviews, serving on the Anthrax Panel and writing a plethora of books and articles.
Selected Media Interviews

good-morning-america4/26/2012, ABC’s Good Morning America

Dangerous Teen Trends: Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer




good-morning-america28/15/07 ABC’s Good Morning America

Lead: What You Need to Know





Selected Books



Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine by Christopher P. Holstege, Alexander B. Baer, Jesse M. Pines and William J. Brady
(Aug 30, 2011)




Toxicology Recall (Recall Series) by Christopher P. Holstege, Matthew P. Borloz, John P. Benner and David T. Lawrence (Jan 23, 2009)





Deadly Daffodils, Toxic Caterpillars: The Family Guide to Preventing and Treating Accidental Poisoning Inside and Outside the Home by Christopher P. Holstege and Carol Ann Turkinton (Jan 1, 2007)



Clinical Impact

In addition to working as a physician attending in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Holstege also makes a huge clinical impact on Charlottesville and the surrounding areas as the director of the Division of Medical Toxicology which has five major components:

Additional Media Involvement


Selected Magazine and Newspaper articles

  • 9/16/2011 Good Morning America Topic: Apple Juice
  • 9/15/2011 Good Morning America Topic: Apple Juice
  • 4/19/2010 ABC News: 20/20 Topic: Essa Murder Trial
  • 12/8/2009 Good Morning America Topic: Zhu Zhu pets
  • 12/8/2009 CNN iReport Zhu Zhu pets
  • 12/8/2009 Good Morning America (Andrea Canning, Andy Miller)   Zhu Zhu pets USA
  • 7/13/2009 ABC News (Dan Childs) Michael Jackson Death
  • 6/26/2009 ABC News Sheila Marikar   Michael Jackson Death
  • Holstege CP. Lead poisoning remains a risk to Virginia’s children. Vital Signs. Daily Progress. Charlottesville, Virginia. May, 2005:C3.
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  • Holstege CP. Carbon monoxide is a silent indoor killer. Daily Progress. Charlottesville, Virginia. December 31, 2000:E3.


Selected Invited Television Programs

  • Topic: Moonshine. Episode name: White Lightning. National Geographic Channel. February 7, 2007.
  • Topic: Snake Envenomation First Aid. Episode name: H2Ouch. Dr. Know. Discovery Channel. 2006.
  • Topic: Sarin. Episode name: Sarin Sabotage. Daily Planet. Discovery Channel. May 17, 2004.
  • Topic: Ricin. Episode name: Ricin Report. Daily Planet. Discovery Channel. February 3, 2004.
  • Topic: Nerve Agents. Episode name: What is atropine? Daily Planet. Discovery Channel. January 27, 2002.
  • Topic: Moscow theater event. Episode name: What went wrong? Daily Planet. Discovery Channel. October 28, 2002.