Procedures for notifying SOM employees

SOM Procedures For Notifications Of Employees – Local Events

The Dean’s Office will send emergency messages using SOM Alerts, a subset of the UVA Alerts system.  When you sign up for UVA Alerts you will receive both UVA-wide and SOM notifications of emergency information.  If you receive a SOM or UVA Alert message you should notify others (volunteers and visitors) nearby who may not have signed up for the service.

Supply chains have been strengthened.

  • We will make every attempt to ensure delivery of essential items such as dry ice. Emergency deliveries are made to the loading docks at Aurbach and Pinn Hall.

If a major disruptive event occurs, the Dean’s Office will do the following:

  • A member of the SOM Emergency Team will join the Medical Center Command Center and will act as a conduit for information between SOM and the institution. Information will be relayed to others on the SOM Emergency Team.
  • The Dean’s Office will send personnel to the research buildings to help with specific issues.  This is not a comprehensive solution, as our representatives cannot be in all buildings simultaneously.

If a major event occurs, you should do the following:

  • Exercise care in coming to the office/laboratory.  If web access is available, consult the Virginia Dept. of Transportation road conditions site and the UVA emergency information page.  The University’s weather phone message can be accessed at 924-7669 (924-SNOW).  Know whether your position is “designated” or “non-designated,” as defined by UVA HR, and follow instructions on whether to come to work, based on your status.
  • If you are at work during an emergency and receive no emergency information from your department or the Dean’s Office, check first with your department administration.  If they are not available, contact the Health System Operator at 924-2012.  A lack of transmitted or posted information is probably due to a breakdown of either utility infrastructure or the SOM communication system.