What Is Engagement?

Employee Engagement Defined

Engaged employees are not the same as satisfied employees. Engaged employees are psychologically and emotionally committed to their work, their colleagues, and organizational goals. Engagement reflects the level of investment and commitment faculty and staff feel in the success of their teams, departments, the School, and the Health System.

Levels of Employee Engagement

“Engaged” employees are builders. They use their talents, develop productive relationships, and multiply their effectiveness through those relationships. They perform at consistently high levels. They drive innovation and move their organization forward.

Employees that are “not engaged” aren’t necessarily negative or positive about their company. They basically take a wait-and-see attitude toward their job, their employer, and their coworkers. They hang back and don’t commit themselves.

“Actively disengaged” employees are the “cave dwellers.” They’re “Consistently Against Virtually Everything.” They are not content with being unhappy at work; they act out that unhappiness. Every day, actively disengaged employees tear down what their engaged colleagues are building.

Core Areas of Engagement

The Gallup Q12 is designed to measure employee engagement. The Q12 survey items help department chairs, supervisors, faculty, and staff address four core areas of engagement.

  1. Get: Am I getting what I need from the organization?
  2. Give: Is my individual contribution recognized and appreciated?
  3. Belong: Do I feel a sense of belonging?
  4. Grow: Do I have an opportunity to learn and grow?

You can review four core areas and the Q12 items within Gallup’s engagement hierarchy here.

Gallup Q12 Survey Item Briefs

Additional Survey Items

  • Additional items will be asked of all School of Medicine employees to better understand communication, trust and collaboration, and organizational alignment and vision.
  • One open-ended item will be available for qualitative responses by all School of Medicine employees