Grand Rounds 2020-2021

Endocrinology Grand Rounds:
2020-2021 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-1:00 PM
Aurbach Building, 1st Floor Conference Room
450 Ray C. Hunt Drive, Fontaine Research Park

08/25 Sue Brown, MDAutomated Insulin Delivery Systems: Update on treatment options for people with diabetes.
CME Code#: 138909
09/01 Jen Kirby, MD, PhDColliding Forces: Racial Inequity, Obesity and COVID-19.
CME Code#: 138980
09/08UVA CDT Group & DM /Vascular GroupDiabetes Research at UVA.
CME Code #139137
09/15Division Faculty Meeting
09/22Adrenal GroupResearch in cardiovascular endocrinology at UVA.
CME Code#:139138
09/29Robert Carey, MDPrevalence of unrecognized primary aldosteronism in the United States.

CME Code#: 139139
10/06Neuroendocrine Group Research in neuroendocrinology at University of Virginia.
CME Code#: 139140
10/13Richard Santen, MD Menopausal Hormone Rx --effect of underlying risk.

CME Code#: 139141
10/20Gene Barrett, MD, PhDInsulin Resistance - how is it measured & what does it portend?

CME Code#: 139142
10/27Meaghan Stumpf, MD Renal Protection from Medications for Diabetes Mellitus.
CME Code#: 139143
11/03*Reserved: Clinician Training. No EGR Lecture Clinician Training Session: 2021 Outpatient Evals and Management, Documentation and Coding Changes.
11/10Division Faculty Meeting
11/17No lecture scheduledNo Lecture scheduled
11/24Kevin Lee, PhD, Ohio University Heterogeneity of Adipocyte Subpopulations: Implications for Growth Hormone Action
CME Code#: tba
12/01Heather Ferris, MD, PhDNutrigenomics: Fact versus Fantasy
CME Code#: tba
12/08Amber Inofuentes, MD UVA Gen MedPrecision 'Medicine' at UVa Health: An individualized approach to the highest utilizers of hospital-based care.
CME Code#: tba
12/15Endocrine FellowsMorbidity & Mortality Conference presentations.
12/22Holiday ScheduleHappy Holidays
12/29Holiday ScheduleHappy Holidays
01/12Division Faculty Meeting
01/26Jonathan Williams, MD, Harvard UnivTBA
02/02Silas Culver, MD TBA
02/23Mihail Zilbermint, MD, Johns Hopkins University The Endocrine Hospitalist: Enhancing the quality of diabetes care
CME Code#: tba
03/02Janice McMillan, MD -FellowTBA
03/09Division Faculty Meeting
03/16Ronak Patel, MD - Fellow TBA
03/23Endo Society
04/13Ben Horton, MD Diabetes & Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.
05/11Division Faculty Meeting
05/18Sarah Lee, MD - FellowTBA
05/25Angeliki Stamatouli, MD, VCU TBA
06/08Jeremy Steinman, MD - Fellow TBA
06/15Peggy Amoakohene, MD - Fellow TBA