2021 Virtual Poster Session


View the digital posters here on UVA Box (NetBadge login required). 

Congratulations to the authors whose posters were selected for presentation during Excellence in Education Week! The Virtual Poster Session and Happy Hour provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to connect with colleagues and discuss educational innovations and scholarly work.

Participants are encouraged to come to the session having reviewed the posters and with questions already prepared and to view the poster materials on their own computer or device during the session. Participants will be able to move from breakout room to breakout room over the course of the hour to speak with abstract authors and explore a variety of research and innovation topics. Presenters can use Zoom’s share screen feature to pull up their poster to answer questions in their breakout rooms

Moderators in each breakout room will help facilitate the discussion and ensure each presenter has an opportunity to share and answer questions about their work (thank you Drs. Bloodgood, Cross, Gusic, Shah!).

Posters selected for the Medical Education Research: Oral Abstract Session are designated with an an asterisk (*) and presenting authors are bolded.

Zoom Room 1: Moderated by Janet Cross, PhD

“Building a career development program to increase diversity in the biomedical research workforce” by Jennifer Phillips, Muhammad Faraz Raghib, Karen Johnston, Sandra Burks, and Sana Syed

“Gender equity of promoting practices in academic Neurosurgery in the United States” by Kathryn N. Kearns, Emily P. Rabinovich, Leah Shabo, Mark E. Shaffrey, John A. Jane, Jr., and Min S. Park

“Immersion matters: Clinicians and engineers co-locating leads to sustained research activity” by Julie A. Radlinski, Preston T. Fletcher, and Mark R. Sochor

“Promoting partnership through professional development for mentee-mentor pairs: A scholarly evaluation of UVA’s early-career faculty mentoring program” by Troy S. Buer, Susan M. Pollart, and Maryellen E. Gusic

Zoom Room 2: Moderated by Maryellen Gusic, MD

“Choosing wisely: Integrating high-value care into undergraduate medical education” by Varun Jain, Rebecca Kowalski, Glenn Moulder, and Andrew S. Parsons

“Clinical physics bootcamp for Radiation Oncology residents: A pilot study” by Einsely-Marie Janowski, Kara Romano, Susan Gehr, Emily Wood, Sara Scarboro, and David Schlesinger

“Design of an interactive epilepsy education curriculum for neurology residents: A single institution experience” by Jordan Clay, Robert Wiggins, Sarah Fredrich, Nicole Chiota-McCollum, and Derek Bauer

*”Developing a multi-institution high-value care course during the early COVID-19 pandemic” by Glenn Moulder, Ashwini Niranjan-Azadi (Johns Hopkins), Maryellen E. Gusic, George Hoke, Amit Pahwa (Johns Hopkins), and Andrew S. Parsons

“Evaluation of a pilot standardized patient curriculum related to culturally sensitive communication” by Tiana Walker, L. Brett Whalen, Marc Vetter, Andrew S. Parsons, Megan J. Bray, and Maryellen E. Gusic

“LGBTQ health and Neurology curriculum: Enhancing inclusion in Neurology specialty care” by Derek Pyland and Nicole Chiota-McCollum

Zoom Room 3: Moderated by Neeral Shah, MD

“Assessing the concordance of narrative comments with supervision ratings provided during entrustable professional activity assessments” by Kelley Mark, James R. Martindale, Megan Bray, Ryan Smith, Andrew S. Parsons, Elizabeth B. Bradley and Maryellen E. Gusic

*”Clinical reasoning remediation for the graduate medical learner in need” by Andrew S. Parsons and Karen M. Warburton

*”How stakeholders view the usefulness of narrative comments provided in EPA assessments” by Gabrielle K. Smith, Elizabeth B. Bradley, James R. Martindale, and Maryellen E. Gusic

“Precepting in ambulatory settings: Do learners have to slow things down?” by Jeremy P. Middleton and Stephen Borowitz

Zoom Room 4: Moderated by Bob Bloodgood, PhD

*”A silver lining to the COVID cloud: Some strengths of virtual conferences” by Emily Salpini, Joshua Reyes, Linda A. Waggoner-Fountain, and Stephen Borowitz

“From the podium to projector: Oral case presentations in the time of COVID-19” by Joshua Reyes, Emily Salpini, Linda A. Waggoner-Fountain, and Stephen Borowitz

“Initiation of a multidisciplinary high fidelity neonatal simulation program” by Sarah E. Miller, Taylor Cady, and Peter Murray

*”Introducing the use point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) for umbilical venous catheter (UVC) placement in the NICU: Education phase by Rupin Kumar, Maryam Abubakar, Marcus Hook, and Santina Zanelli

*”Learning without PowerPoint: A novel approach to teaching clinical psychopharmacology to Psychiatry residents” by Keri Ann Stevenson and Jenny Lee