P&T Mentor – Mentee Relationship

Promotion and Tenure Mentorship

The successful recommendation of our faculty for promotion and tenure is an important goal. To that end, it is critical that our faulty have an effective P&T mentor to help them navigate the promotion and tenure process. All of our faculty have mentors, as well as their division chiefs and/or department chairs to serve in this role. Departments may also wish to tap P&T committee members or faculty who have recently been recommended for promotion or tenure to provide additional insight and guidance during this important process.

To assist with a successful mentorship relationship, here are suggested roles for a P&T mentor and a P&T candidate

A P&T mentor should:

  • Be prepared to make the time commitment to review the mentee’s portfolio, meet regularly and respond to their mentee’s needs in a timely fashion.
  • Be able to provide constructive guidance and practical feedback in a helpful and compassionate manner.
  • Share their own experience and promotion and tenure documents in a positive and helpful manner.
  • Understand and be able to explain promotion and tenure policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Be willing to seek out guidance and appropriately advocate for the mentee if needed and appropriate.

A P&T candidate should:

  • Be prepared to ask for explicit advice on how to ideally present your skills, competencies, experiences and work products.
  • Make it easy for your mentor to give you honest and specific feedback. Ask for it early in your relationship.
  • Be open to listen to and act on constructive feedback. Thank your mentor for being honest with you and request precise recommendations for improvement.
  • Be proactive and respect your mentor’s time by scheduling meetings with them in advance as much as possible.