Participant Scholarly Projects

NameDepartmentScholarly ProjectMentor(s)
Vaia AbatzisAnesthesiologyA simulation-based in-situ educational study to assess and improve peri-operative healthcare provider bag-valve-mask ventilation (BVM) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniquesKeith Littlewood
Keith BachmannOrthopaedic SurgeryTimely Feedback: Comparing the Ottawa Score to End of Rotation Evaluation for Orthopedic Surgical ResidentsMark Abel
Stephanie BajoPsychiatry and NB SciencesEquestrian Sports Concussion: Incidence rates in comparison to other high impact sports and injury characteristics.Donna Broshek
Derek BauerNeurologyImproving Epilepsy Education in Neurology Residency TrainingHoward Goodkin
Heather BruschweinPsychiatry and NB SciencesSurvey of Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use in Lung TransplantationAmit Shahane
Tushar ChopraMedicineUnderstanding the role of extracellular vesicles in peritoneal dialysate effluent.Mitch Rosner and Uta Erdbruegger
Heather FerrisMedicineNovel mechanisms of diabetes-mediated cognitive declineZhenqi Liu
Michael MendozaPediatricsThe Unique Challenges of Teenage Invincibility and Organ TransplantationVirginia Andersen and Laura Shaffer
Matthew ReilleyMedicineMacrophage polarization in colorectal cancer liver metastases drives recurrence risk through immune evasion.Graham Casey
Morgan SalmonSurgeryThe Role of IL-10 versus IL-23 in a Novel Model of Ascending Aortic Aneurysm FormationGorav Ailawadi
Daniel SheeranRadiology & Medical ImagingLeveraging Technology for Quality Improvement: Creation of Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Templates for Interventional RadiologyJohn Angle
Julia TaylorPediatricsInformed Consent for Transgender Youth Seeking Pubertal Suppression & Gender-Affirming HormonesRachel Moon and Donna Chen
Petr TvrdikNeurology & NeuroscienceRole of Microglial Calcium Signaling in Ischemic StrokeKevin Lee
Joesph WiencekPathologyOptimization of clinical laboratory test ordering through data-driven decision supportJames Harrison
Joanna YostPsychiatry and NB SciencesEvaluating the effectiveness of behavior management skills training in decreasing the occurrence of behavioral emergencies in an inpatient medical setting.Jaclyn Shepard, Anita Clayton, and Amit Shahane