David Smith

Smith, David E.

Primary Appointment

Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

Office: 372 Clark Hall
PO Box 400123 Department of Environmental Sciences
Telephone: 434-924-0561
Fax: 434-982-2137
Email: des3e@virginia.edu

Research Disciplines

Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

Biological oceanography, marine ecology, and invertebrate zoology.

Research Description

Areas of interest include the physiology and ecology of planktonic communities, including predator-prey relationships, trophic interactions at intermediate levels within the food chain, planktonic larval recruitment processes, and the dynamics of gelatinous macrozooplankton.

Recent activity has also focused on the oxygen/nutrient dynamics within Chesapeake Bay, nekton dynamics in tidal freshwater and barrier island environments, as well as innovative ways to transfer scientific information to policy and decision makers.

Selected Publications