Jogender Tushir-Singh

Tushir-Singh, Jogender

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


  • PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Notre Dame
  • Postdoc, RNAi and Epigenetics, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Contact Information

Laboratory of Novel Biologics
1340 JPA Pinn Hall 6047A
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-982-0465
Fax: 434-924-5069

Research Disciplines

Cancer Biology, Epigenetics, Molecular Biology, Translational Science

Research Interests

Tailored fit targeting approaches: Cancer Immunotherapy, Antibodies and conjugates

Research Description

1. Cancer Immunotherapy and multi targeting antibodies
2. Antibody Conjugates and their applications in cancers.
3. Rational antibody design and tailored to fit targeting

Highly motivated students at all levels who are excited to study Antibody engineering, Cancer Biology and their clinical applications are welcome to join our team. Please contact directly via email "".

Selected Publications