Nolan Wages

Wages, Nolan A

Primary Appointment

Public Health Sciences

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Research Interests

Design, monitoring, and analysis of early-phase clinical trials in oncology.

Research Description

Nolan A. Wages, Ph.D., is a member of the University of Virginia Cancer Center and assistant professor in the Division of Translational Research and Applied Statistics in the Department of Public Health Sciences. Dr. Wages has focused his research efforts on the design of Phase I (dose-finding) clinical trials in oncology. Specifically, his research has centered on the use of extended model-based designs for complex dose-finding studies. Rather than working with a single model, these designs make use of several models and model selection techniques, in order to provide greater flexibility and the ability to deal with more complexity. Examples of more complex dose-finding problems where extended model-based designs can apply include trials of combination chemotherapies, subject heterogeneity, and different treatment schedules.

Selected Publications