Essentials of Family Medicine

What are the Essentials of Family Medicine I, II & III?

Our three-month “Essentials of Family Medicine” series is an ambitious and innovative curriculum for teaching important core knowledge and skills for a wide variety of key areas important to developing physicians. Each year, each residency class spends a month together participating in a combination of seminars, workshops, and self study exercises directed specifically at their level of training, to enhance clinical skills as well as to introduce and build on topics such as:

  • Procedures training
  • Well child, adolescent, and adult care
  • Concepts of prevention and screening
  • Chronic disease care
  • Health Equity
  • Practice management and leadership
  • Quality improvement
  • Information Mastery
  • Teaching
  • Self-reflection and self-care
  • Optimizing the physician/patient relationship
  • Sports medicine
  • Professionalism