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Everything you need to know about medical student loans, presented by Margaret Baxton, Director.

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The Financial Aid Office offers loan repayment counseling to UVA medical residents and fellows, regardless of where they attended medical school.  In addition, the office offers three “Money Talks” seminars that are open to non-students: Home Financing, Taxes, and Financial Planning (usually around Match week).

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If you are a UVA Resident or Fellow and have any questions, please feel free to contact:

UVA Institutional Loans

Our former institutional loan servicer, Campus Partners, is now ECSI.  If you graduated in May you will receive a notice from ECSI, the servicer for UVA Loans, that your first UVA Loan payment is due on December 15.  If you choose to forbear payment of your UVA Loan principal and pay interest only, you must submit the optional UVA SOM Institutional Loan Forbearance form to ECSI prior to the payment due date.  UVA Loan terms do not allow for forbearance of the interest payment.  Once ECSI receives your request, you will receive a new billing statement which will reflect the amount of interest that must be paid by the due date.  

Things to Know

The loan servicer, ECSI, will send you a statement of your Institutional Loan account in November.  You may also view your account and change your address online at their website. If you graduate in May, the first payment on UVA Institutional Loans will be due December 15.  If you prefer, you may pay interest only by submitting the UVA SOM Institutional Loan Forbearance form.

Federal Loans

If you are interested in donating funds to help current students finance their medical education, please contact the Office of Development.


Remember to update your address.  This can usually be done from your lender’s website.

  • We have a page dedicated to repayment issues, and are happy to help alumni and UVA residents with the student loan repayment process.
  • You are eligible for Residency Training Forbearance on a yearly basis throughout your entire residency.  This form may be obtained from your servicer. Make sure you specify you want the “Internship/Residency” or “Internship/Service” Forbearance Form – NOT the Deferment form.  Only borrowers before 1993 are eligible for the Internship/Residency Deferment, borrowers after 1993 must use the Forbearance.
Other Helpful Websites

Here is a list of additional sites that may help you.