International Students

International students admitted to the UVA School of Medicine should visit the website for our International Studies Office to determine the next steps necessary for enrollment:

Financial Aid

International students who are ineligible for federal financial aid are also ineligible for the School of Medicine’s institutional aid. As an international student, your home country’s government may have financial aid available.  Sometimes this support requires that you return home after your education is complete.  There may also be private organizations in your home country that provide support for study in the U.S.


In some cases, there are private lenders who will issue educational loans to international students; however, the UVA School of Medicine does not recommend any particular private lenders.  The website maintains a list of lenders offering private student loans which you may find helpful.  The University also has a search engine to help you compare private lenders.

If you apply for a private loan, please then contact your financial aid counselor to discuss the next steps.  Private loans must be certified by the financial aid office.  The maximum that we will certify is the official Cost of Attendance.

Common Sources of International Student Funding at the UVA School of Medicine: