Federal Loans

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan Program

  • To apply for the Federal Unsubsidized Loan, please see our page on the Application Process.
  • Once you receive your preliminary award email, you must follow the instructions to request your federal loans.  Request loans by July 1st each year to ensure they will appear on your fall tuition bill.  Loan requests may be adjusted (increased or decreased) at any time during the year, until at least March 1st, with no difficulty – just contact your counselor.
  • Disbursement: The Federal Direct Loan funds will be credited directly toward payment of tuition and fees in two equal installments (August and January or February). If your tuition and fees have already been paid, or your financial aid proceeds overpay your account, the overpayment amount will be refunded to you at the beginning of each semester.
  • For information about the Federal Subsidized Loan, which was available in 2011/12 and previous years, please contact your financial aid counselor.  Congress has ended the subsidized loan program for graduate and professional students.


Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan Program

Loan of Last Resort

  • The Graduate PLUS loan provides funding for students whose maximum federal unsubsidized loans, along with any other aid, do not fund the student up to the Cost of Attendance.  This is a more expensive loan, and we encourage students to delay borrowing and to minimize borrowing to the degree possible.  Please see your counselor for more information.


Interest Rates for loans taken out during:

Unsub Loans5.41%6.21%5.84%5.31%6.0%6.6%6.08%4.3%
Grad PLUS Loans6.41%7.21%6.84%6.31%7.0%7.6%7.08%5.3%