Cytek Aurora Northern Lights

Click here for a panel design grid to help you design antibody panels for the Cytek Aurora Northern Lights.

Click here to evaluate and optimize your panel design using the Cytek Full Spectrum Viewer.

The Cytek Aurora is equipped with three lasers – blue (488nm – 50mW), violet (405nm – 100mW) and red (640nm – 80mW), two scattering channels, up to 38 fluorescence detectors and a plate loader. Spectral fingerprints of each fluorochrome are recorded and then unmixed in a highly multicolor experiment. As a result of this approach, combinations of fluorochromes that previously were incompatible to run together by conventional flow cytometric methods are now possible with this technology. Running CFSE, GFP, and A488 or DAPI, BV421, and Pacific Blue are no longer a problem. As long as a fluorochrome’s spectral fingerprint is distinct from another they can be unmixed. This enables panel design of >20 colors possible with only three lasers.  The Automatic Micro-Sampling System (AMS) utilizes 96 well plate acquisition for maximum productivity.

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