Martha Hellems, MD, MS

Martha Hellems, MD, MS I came to Charlottesville some time ago to take premedical courses, and Ive been very fortunate to have been able to remain at the University of Virginia ever since then.  I completed medical school at the University of Virginia, as well as my Pediatrics residency, and served as Chief Resident of Pediatrics for one year.  I then joined the Division of General Pediatrics as an Assistant Professor.  I now attend in our general pediatrics clinic where I work with medical students and residents, teaching pediatrics and caring for children from Charlottesville and beyond.  I also work and teach in our newborn nursery.

Before starting my career in medicine, I worked in economic analysis and mathematical modeling in a non-medical field.  After residency I began graduate studies in biostatistical modeling and epidemiology and earned a MS in Health Evaluation Sciences from UVa.  I teach students and pediatric residents about study design and statistics.  I have helped several residents with analysis on their research projects, and I am developing a new research program for the pediatric residents.  I have helped the local Childhood Obesity Task Force with data analysis for a project in the public schools and I am developing a database for our departments Fitness Clinic for obese children.

I have discovered that medical training is not a means to an end, but rather is one step in a lifetime of education.  I greatly enjoy the breadth and variety of my job.  No two days are the same, its always evolving, and I am always learning from my patients and my students.