What Our Students Say

Kate Donowitz, SOM class of 2015

When I applied to medical schools I specifically sought out programs that offered a public health or primary care track, and the Generalist Scholars Program was one of the things that drew me to UVA. GSP quickly became my med school family and has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people who support and challenge me throughout the ups and downs of medical school. From an academic standpoint, the program has ensured that I stay connected to the big picture – public health, health care reform, and local community health – throughout the preclinical and clinical years. I was able to design a global health project after my first year that connected work in Guatemala with research in my local community of Charlottesville. The mentorship I have received from GSP faculty has made a huge difference in my experience at UVA, and I feel privileged to be part of this wonderful community.

 David Richards, SOM class of 2015

The GSP is a big part of why I came to the University of Virginia School of Medicine and it has been one of my most valuable experiences. I knew coming into medical school that I wanted to continue working with high-needs populations and community and public health projects, so I was excited to find a group of kindred spirits!

The GSP was an excellent way to get involved in different collaborations from the very beginning of medical school. My faculty mentors have been wonderful and helped me set up my own research project with the local health department. Afterwards, they guided me through the process of writing up my work and gave me feedback on my posters and presentations. I am better prepared to continue doing projects throughout residency and my career.

The GSP lunches were a great opportunity to stay connected to a primary care community and public health mindset. We had excellent speakers and discussions on topics that complemented the general medical school curriculum.

Finally, I am most thankful for the friendships I have made through the GSP. We started as a cohort about two weeks before everyone else and have remained close ever since. If you join the GSP, these are the same people you will likely sit together with in lecture and do your clinical rotations with. We’ve been able to support and challenge eachother throughout medical school. I think this is best demonstrated by the fact that every single GSP student in my cohort will be completing a residency in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine or Family Medicine. I look forward to a lifetime of weddings, birth announcements and reunions with my GSP family!