The UVa CRISPR and Transgenic Workshop

The UVa GEMM core holds a hands-on three day CRISPR and transgenic workshop during spring and fall each year.  Personalized training can be provided throughout the year.  This workshop includes lectures and hands-on exercises which are intended for those who wish to develop a strong background on CRISPR and transgenic technologies and applications.  On-line registration is available all year around; please indicate your preferred time on the registration form.  The cost for UVa participants is $1000.  UVa faculty and staff may use their education benefits to pay for the workshop if they work at UVa for more than 1 year.  Please visit HR-benefits website and fill an enrollment form to request for education benefits. Outside participants are encouraged to contact the facility.  Each participant receives a binder containing all materials presented in the workshop along with laboratory protocols and references.  Certificates will be issued to participants who complete the entire course.  The course covers the following areas:

Introduction to CRISPR/Cas9 technology
Bioinformatics resources for CRISPR target identification
Knockout and knock-in construct design
CRISPR reagent preparation and commercial sources
Delivery of CRISPR reagent into cells and zygotes
Double-stranded DNA break repair – NHEJ and HDR pathways
Identification of CRISPR-induced genome modifications
Targeted transgene expression (Rosa26 etc.)
Influence of genetic background
Live or video demonstrations (e.g. embryo harvest, microinjection, embryo implantation)