Mice Strains Used in GEMM

Transgene injections:

B6SJLF1/J, (C57BL/6 Female X SJL Male), agouti, Jackson Lab Stock #100012

Transgenic founders are B6SJLF2.

This is the default strain we will use unless otherwise requested.

The inbred strains are generally less efficient for production of transgenic mice, and will therefore be more costly for you.

C57Bl/6NHsd, non-agouti (black) inbred, abbrev. B6N, Envigo (formerly Harlan)

C57BL/6J, non-agouti (black) inbred, abbrev. B6J, Jackson Lab Stock #000664

ES cell injections:

For 129, agouti B6 or C57BL/6J-Tyrc-2J ES cells:

B6D2F1N1, (C57BL/6 Female x B6D2F1 Male), black, Jackson Lab Stock #000664 x #100006

Diagram of 129/Sv ES cells into B6 blastocyst

For black B6 ES cells:

C57BL/6J-Tyrc-2J, albino, Harlan Stock “C57BL/6 Albino Mice” or Jackson Lab Stock #000058

BALB/cJ, albino, Jackson Lab Stock #000651