Frequently Asked Questions

How is the UVA Nutrition Support Traineeship different from other conferences?

The 3-day and 5-day UVA Nutrition Support Traineeship programs are small group, interactive programs. There is a maximum of 4-7 participants in each session. This allows for plenty of time for questions and answers and decreases the ‘fear factor’ of asking questions compared to being at a large conference (we often say there is “no silly question” and “questions that are asked in Charlottesville stay in Charlottesville”). While much of the traineeship takes place in a classroom (for comfort and ease of discussion), both the 3- and 5-day traineeships include tours of the hospital and interaction with a variety of UVA clinicians. The five day program also includes a number of additional opportunities for observation in the Medical Center (see below).

The traineeship programs held at UVA Medical Center allow participants to interact with our nutrition support dietitians, as well as other UVA Health clinicians. A typical Traineeship program includes interactive sessions with GI and Medicine physicians, nurses and others.  Click here for more on what past participants have said about the Traineeship programs in Charlottesville.

How is the 5-day Traineeship different from the 3-day Traineeship?

The five day program is our premier program and is recommended for the most extensive experience. The number of participants in the 5 day program is limited to 4-6 so there is plenty of individualized attention and small group interaction. The pace of the 5-day program allows for plenty of time for questions & answers, as well as spontaneous discussions.  The five day program also includes opportunities such as participating in monthly journal club, a visit to the ICU with an experienced critical care nurse to discuss feeding tube placement, and observation of a GI procedure (based on availability).

The 3-day program came about by request of our participants who said it was not always possible to leave home or work for a full week.  The goal of the 3-day program is to fit as much of the information as possible into a shorter program.  Participation in the 3-day program is limited to 5-7 participants to allow for the same small group, interactive experience.

A sample 5-day schedule and/or sample 3-day schedule is available upon request.

Are international participants welcome in the program?

Yes! We welcome our colleagues from around the globe! To date, we have had participants from all across the U.S., as well as from 13 other countries!