Answers for Joint Commission

Question 1: If you have seen a patient in an ambulatory setting who is returning for an elective surgery or procedure, what is the correct response for an update of the H&P?

ANSWER C) Signed within 24 hours of the surgery or procedure by the attending

Question 2: You are performing a procedure from a kit or tray that has DISPOSABLE instruments. The correct way to handle the sharp DISPOSABLE instruments in the tray are to

ANSWER C) Dispose of the sharps in a sharps container and waste in a Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) container

Question 3: You are using REUSABLE instruments from a PEEL PACKAGE or a BLUE-WRAPPED TRAY in a patient’s room. After the procedure you

B) Remove and discard sharps in the sharps container

D) Notify a team member of the presence of opened/used tray or instrument, so proper PRE-CLEANING and transportation to soiled utility/SPD can occur