Education Resource Center Information

Room Setup:


Meeting Room A:

Seated capacity up to 130 in a free lecture configuration (tablet arm chairs in rows, no tables)

Meeting Room B:

Seated capacity up to 50 in a Board Room configuration (U shaped tables).


Room A and B can be combined to increase seating capacity to 150 in a free lecture configuration (tablet arm chairs in rows, no tables)

If you would like to discuss a different setup, please submit a description of the desired layout with your event request. Once availability has been confirmed, ERC staff will set up an appointment with you to discuss and approve layout alterations. If less than 48 hours advance notice is given for an event with a unique setup, changes to the default setup may not be possible.

A/V Support:

ERC spaces come equipped with a health system PC, wireless microphones, cameras and more (note: we currently have limited recording capabilities). Audio and video support is provided by Stephen Simalchik in the GME office. The AV equipment and room remain locked and can only be accessed by the ERC personnel. If you have specific A/V needs, please email Stephen Simalchik. If you have dedicated A/V technicians, they are required to meet with ERC staff prior to the event.

Getting Bumped:

It is our goal to accommodate as many requests for space as we can. There may be instances where an unexpected HS need conflicts with your existing reservation and your reservation may need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

No Shows:

There is a high demand for space. In many instances, multiple groups are waiting for vacancies to occur. If you know that your meeting will not be held after you reserve, please email us or call as soon as possible to cancel the reservation. Failure to show up for a reservation you’ve held may jeopardize future reservations.


Food may be consumed in the ERC rooms. Buffet tables are provided for catering which must be set up outside of the Auditorium rooms. There is a small kitchenette (sink, counter) for your use if needed. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that all food is removed from the Auditorium and that the catering setup is clear no later than 30 minutes after the event has ended. Failure to clean up after an event may jeopardize future reservations.

Note for outside caterers:

Food cannot be dropped off/picked up in front of the ERC, as this is patient only space. There is a loading lane behind the Emily Couric Cancer Center where the back door of the ERC can be accessed. Temporary loading only is allowed in this space, you cannot leave or park a vehicle here.

Important Numbers:

Housekeeping: 434.982.1555
Catering: 434.924.8143