Interview Packet

information for coordinators

Information you provide about the program may include:

  • Housestaff benefit information must be provided to all invited applicants.
  • Interview schedule
  • Curriculum overview
  • Rotation / Call schedules
  • Conference Listing
  • Information on numbers of cases and/or surgeries encountered/performed throughout the various years of the residency
  • List of residents’ destinations upon completion of program (fellowships, private practice, academic, etc.)
  • List of the medical schools from which current residents graduated
  • Departmental policies and procedures
  • Housestaff benefits and salaries
  • FAQs
  • Contact information for faculty, residents, fellows
  • Coordinator contact information

Additional suggested items you may wish to include:

  • Rating for your specialty
  • UVA Top 100 hospital
  • IM Rec Booklet (call the Aquatic and Fitness Center) 924-3791
  • Housing information (we know how expensive it’s getting to buy here)
  • Chamber of Commerce – Charlottesville area fact sheet. Cost is approximately $1 each. The Chamber accepts an LPO. 295-3141.
  • ‘So Very Virginia’. Call ahead to the visitors center to check they have the number you need in stock. 984-9855
  • UVA Map – Order via Oracle from Chem Stores. Item number is 51197. NOTE: CHEMSTORES WILL CLOSE ON AUGUST 20TH.
  • Paramount – Season booklet. 979-1922
  • Ash Lawn Highland – 293-9539
  • Monticello – 984-9822
  • Michie Tavern – 977-1234
  • C’ville Bytes
  • State of Virginia map (free from county)